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Urbanites #3  (30 x 84 in.)

Urbanites #3 (30 x 84 in.)

With Urbanites I explore society's growing loss of compassion and empathy. Drawing upon current events and time spent in many U.S. cities I highlight the loss, despair and polarization all too present in today's world. I alternate between drawing and painting through many iterations. I use paint brushes, knives, acrylic paint markers, and my hands, and incorporate mono printing and layering to create a unique texture. The base is built up of charcoal, acrylic paint, hard pastel and oil pastel that is then trapped in place with hard gel. The piece is then finished with oil pigment sticks.

Size: 30 x 84 x 2.75 in. (2,520 sq. in.)

Substrate: Wood Panel - edges of wood panel are finished and the art is ready to hang

Materials: Acrylic Paint, Oil Pigment Sticks, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Hard Pastel, Hard Gel, Fixative

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