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About the Artist

Ryan Tuck is a full time artist based in the Midwest who focuses on the use of mixed media and atypical materials. He merges aspects of painting, collage, textiles, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and photography. As an art world outsider he has no preconceptions when making art and keeps an open mind to unconventional materials and techniques. He strives to combine seemingly contradictory materials in archival ways. He uses objects from the trades, like chains and washers, to connect with people not typically drawn to fine art, and strives to attract new people to the arts through his work. 

Ryan documents the human condition, the natural world and urban life through storytelling. He juxtaposes the uncontrollability of life which everyone experiences, with the serenity that can be found in nature. He investigates these effects through photos and synthesizes this into artwork. His street photography bears witness to this complex paradigm and his mixed media art attempts to tell its story.

Artist at work with large abstract mixed media piece
Green textured abstract mixed media artwork
Artist portrait with old film camera

I started working three dimensionally while immersed in film photography by learning historical photographic printing processes at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. One process, Carbon Printing, leaves mounds of gelatin deposited on the surface forming a relief of hills and valleys. Once washed away the hills become the shadows in the image and the valleys form the highlights. With this taste for artistic sculpting from photography and an urge to try something new I ended up gravitating towards using impasto painting utilizing oil paints. This morphed into mixed media using glue to actually propel outwards away from the panel with various structures including chains, washers, and ball bearings. The journey continues as I explore new techniques and materials with the goal to convey both visual and thoughtful impact. 

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my work and encourage you to reach out with any questions.


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