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Street Scenes | San Franciso #2 (12 x 36 in.)

Street Scenes | San Franciso #2 (12 x 36 in.)

The Street Scene series consists of photographs I have taken from major cities across the United States using 35mm and medium format film. I have spent hundreds of hours roaming the streets of these cities on foot trying to capture the essence of each place. This piece specifically is a compilation of San Francisco photos showcasing many neighborhoods across the city. To create each piece I start by painting an acrylic background. After developing the film I use an image transfer process to make original prints that I then one by one collage on the panel. I then finish the panel with a resin top coat. Each piece is unique and original.

Size: 12 x 36 x 1.75 in. (432 sq. in.)

Substrate: Wood Panel - edges of wood panel are finished and the art is ready to hang

Materials: Film Photograph Transfers, Acrylic Paint, Resin

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