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Celeste Los Angeles Commission

Celeste Los Angeles Commission

The flow of textures and shading evoke a reflective and meditative state. I draw upon themes of nature and univerrsality and incorporate a wide variety of materials to create pieces with depth and complexity. Materials include glass bead, blended fiber, metals and lace to create celestial, reflective and unique art.

Size: 48 x 60 x 2.75 in. (2,880 sq. in.)


Substrate: Linen wrapped Wood Panel - edges of wood panel are finished and the art is ready to hang



Materials: Acrylic Paint, Metal Washers, Chrome Ball Bearings, Archival Tissue Paper, Gossamer, Lace, Resin Sand, Glass Bead Medium, Blended Fiber Medium, Gesso, Marble Powder, Metal Wire, Sand, Gloss Medium


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