Carnival #3

Carnival #3

This series represents the many different hues of life, the struggle to break through societal and self-imposed chains, and the striving to reach new heights. 

Wooden panels were glued together to make the structure. Then metal chains and washers were glued to the panels and then primed. I mixed high quality oil paints into many different colors to produce this painting mixing them mostly with gamsol. After this I covered the entire piece with gesso and splatter painted with various painting knives. These pieces have additional interest when lit from different angles as the shadowing provides unique views. 

Size: 24 x 24 x 4.0 in. (576 sq. in.)

Substrate: Birch Panel - edges of wood panel are finished and the art is ready to hang

Materials: Oil Paint, Metal Chains, Metal Washers, Metal Ball Bearings, Wooden Panels, Glue, Spray Paint, Gesso

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staging courtesy of freepik

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